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Developer: Olympus Corporation

It’s just like using an interchangeable lens camera

OA.ModeDial is a photo app for use with the Olympus Air open platform camera. It lets you change shooting settings just like you do on an interchangeable lens camera, except the controls are on your smartphone screen.


The same P, A, S, and M modes as on an interchangeable lens camera can be used. Exposure compensation, white balance, and ISO speed are also adjustable. The camera is packed with enhanced shooting functions such as movie modes and iAuto which automatically detects up to 42 different shooting scenes and applies optimal exposure control.

P: Program
In P mode, the camera automatically sets the optimal aperture value and shutter speed that match the subject brightness.

A: Aperture priority
Set the aperture value and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed.

S: Shutter priority
Set the shutter speed and the camera automatically sets the aperture value.

M: Manual
Set both the aperture value and shutter speed to your liking.

Basic functions

1. Maximum 3x digital zoom and Digital Tele-converter
The high-performance image processor in the Olympus Air makes it possible to use the Digital Tele-converter to zoom-in approximately 2x to 3x with minimal image degradation.

2. Self-timer
When using the self-timer, a countdown to shutter release appears on the smartphone so you know exactly when the photo will be taken.

3. Sharing
With a sharing button within the app, you can easily share favorite photos with friends and family via social networking services or e-mail.

4. Adding geotags
By transfering geotags acquired by your smartphone to the Olympus Air, you can add the geotags to photos saved on the cameras SD card.